We believe:

·  The bible is divinely inspired. ·   In the Trinity. ·  That salvation is through Jesus alone. ·  Jesus died, was buried, and rose from the dead, and is alive forever more. ·   In the work and gifts of the Holy Spirit. ·  Salvation is received by faith by all who accept it as a free moral agent. ·  That Christians should strive to live right according to the word. ·  Water baptism by immersion is a part of the gospel plan. · The local church to have sole authority over its own affairs. ·  Sanctification to be a work of the Spirit that began at the new birth. ·  In the second coming of Christ. · Hell to have been prepared for the devil and his angels. · Some doctrinal beliefs have been debated for years, such as eternal security, millennial reign, and the time of the coming of Christ. We reserve the right to authorize what may or may not be taught regarding these matters.