212 New Logo


212 Student Ministries

At 211 degrees water is hot, BUT at 212 degrees water boils. That is our desire and goal. To reach a generation for Christ and then to turn up the heat and see them boil for God! For them to go one more degree in all they do!

Mission Statement:

1. To change the world, one student at a time.

2. To get students to boil!

3. To produce a generation with the hand of the Lord upon them, the spirit

     of the Lord upon them, God to speak to them, and God to speak    

212 Objectives:

1. Youth ministry is educational and evangelistic (teach them, send them).

2. Reach students, connect with them, disciple them, help them grow,  
    assist them to develop their gifts, and  watch them discover their calling.

3. Challenge them to develop a prayer, worship, and study life.

4. To help students develop character and commitment.

5. To offer opportunities for Christian fellowship with other students.

Sunday School

Every Sunday at 10:00 there is a youth Sunday School class held upstairs in the Youth Room. Sis Samantha teaches lessons that apply to what teenagers are going through on a day to day basis. On the 2nd Sunday of each month they have an Outreach class where they put their lessons into action. These include door to door evangelism, nursing home ministry, praying with families at the hospital, and other similar activities. Come be a part of the Youth Class that is changing lives inside the church and out in the community.

Youth Service

On Wednesday nights at 6:30 212 Students meet upstairs for a youth service. These services consist of praise and worship, a powerful word brought by Pastor Seth, and prayer. These messages and services are powerful. You will leave every week with a new challenge to apply to your life. Let’s come together and go the extra degree in our worship, study time, and prayer life.